Roopkund is a mystery lake hidden away in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district. The high altitude glacial lake in Uttarakhand is located in the shadow of the Trishul mountain. The lake is located in the Himalayas, about 5,020 metres (16,470 feet) above sea level, and is bordered by rock-strewn glaciers and snow-clad mountains. Roopkund is a well-known hiking location.

The Mystery

When human bones were discovered in Roopkund Lake in 1942, it was first assumed that the skeletal bones belonged to Japanese troops who passed away while going through the Roopkund path during World War II and later died under strange circumstances.


These skeleton remains, discovered at the lake’s shore, were only visible once the snow melted, together with wooden artefacts, iron spearheads, leather slippers, and rings. Following additional study, experts found that the remains were of pilgrims and inhabitants from this region, as the bodies were dated to about 850 AD. Local tradition has it that on their route to the pilgrimage to the Nanda Devi temple, the King of Kanauj, his pregnant wife, and the others drowned in a hailstorm at Roopkund Lake, and that it is their bones.

The Roopkund Lake Mythology

Roopkund and its surrounding areas, as the Land of Gods, are the locations of fascinating mythical events and mythology. According to Hindu scriptures, the four Vedas were written in the Bedni Bugyal. Maa Durga is claimed to have killed Demon Mahishasura in her Kali Avatar at Bedni Kund, making the location lucky.

Goddess Parvati, according to tradition, wished to clean herself up after her battle with the demons. As a result, Lord Shiva built a lake with his Trishul. As she bathed, she noticed her clear and gorgeous reflection in the blue waters of the lake, thus she named it Roopkund. According to legend, Lord Vinayak stood vigil here while Parvati bathed in the Roopkund Lake.

Every 12 years, the Nanda Raj Jat Yatra takes place. The people think that a mysterious four-horned ram visits this location and is auspicious, maybe in the guise of God. Thousands of pilgrims attend Hem Kund Lake to pay respect to Goddess Nanda Devi during this spectacular occasion.

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