THE MIDNIGHT BUS - Legend of Beijing

Real Life Horror Incident happened in Beijing

THE MIDNIGHT BUS - Legend of Beijing

Day : November 14,1995

Last bus of the day, BUS 375, just entered the bus-stop in Yuan-ming-yuan ( Old Summer Palace ), which is supposed to be reaching Xiang-shan (Fragrant Hills ) by next Morning. One driver, One female conductor, are the only two people in bus when it arrived at Yuan-ming-yuan. As soon as the bus stopped at Summer Palace, a Lady, a young couple and a young boy Boarded the Bus, young couple sat behind Driver, lady and other young boy sat beside the couple on other side of bus.


In that Freezing Cold weather, people in the bus can only hear to Engine sound and Heavy wind blowing through the windows, after a while, three "shadow like figures" tried to stop the bus, as soon as bus stopped, three people in Ancient Royal costumes, one of them had worn out but Royal Costume, his head was down as if he is exhausted by work or as if someone killed him, no one in the bus saw his face.

After few stops, young couple got down at their stop, meanwhile driver started flirting with conductor.

All of sudden, that lady stood up fiercely shouting that the young boy stole her purse. Young boy started defending himself saying he doesn’t know a thing, without listening to anything he is saying, that lady hold him by his collar and asked Driver to stop the bus in next stop, so that she can handover him to police.

Driver did the same as the old Lady asked, after bus stopped, Lady dragged the boy onto road and started walking to other side of road into darkness, while the bus vanished into cold foggy night.

Young boy started pleading the lady saying he really doesn’t know a thing about anything that lady is accusing him of and not to call police and file any complaint.

With a relief on face, Lady then told the boy, there is no police station here, and she is not calling Cops, she the smirked and said “ I actually saved your life Young boy “.

Shocked by those words, with a Question mark on his face, Young Boy asked “WHAT?

Lady then started explaining him “ as soon as I saw those three men, I had a strange feeling, so I started observing them, they looked normal until wind blew hard, and their royal costumes moved a bit, they had no LEGS. That’s when I started shouting on you

Young boy started sweating in that freezing climate.

Lady then took out her phone and called Police and informed about the Incident, Police then went to the next stop and were waiting for the bus, but it never came!!

Police searched entire city and nearby areas, they investigated that lady and that young boy, and closed the case as they didn’t believe in anything they said.

After two days, local people found the bus 100 km away from the city in miyun reservoir with three decomposed dead bodies, Driver, Conductor, and another unidentified person.


There are some unsolved mysteries in this Incident,

  1. Police who inpected the bus found its fuel tank filled with blood
  2. Even in hot summer dead body takes many days to decompose, but how did these bodies decompose so fast in Cold winter,
  3. This is a main point, area around the Reservoir has 24/7 CCTV surveillance, but none of those camera caught the bus falling into the reservoir

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