The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has warned internet users about the Akira ransomware virus. It collects crucial personal information and encrypts data, resulting in extortion of money from victims, according to the newest advice from the country’s government cyber security agency. According to the report, this computer malware targets Windows and Linux-based systems.

“Akira, a recently discovered ransomware operation, is reportedly active in cyberspace.” “This group steals information from victims, then encrypts data on their systems and engages in double extortion to force the victim to pay the ransom,” it stated.

“If the victim does not pay, they release their victim’s data on their dark web blog,” CERT-In warned internet users in a recent caution. The agency is the principal technology arm for combating cyber attacks and protects the cyber space from phishing and hacking attacks, as well as other online attacks.

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