In 2016, the world was captivated by a blue-eyed Pakistani tea seller named Arshad Khan. His striking looks and piercing gaze caught the attention of photographer Jiah Ali, who captured his image while he was selling tea at a Sunday Bazaar in Islamabad. The photograph was shared on social media and quickly went viral, earning Khan the affectionate moniker “Chaiwala,” or tea seller.Khan, the blue-eyed Pakistani tea seller who went viral in 2016, is now making headlines again as he now owns a cafe in London too. He opened Cafe Chaiwala on East London’s Ilford Lane. The area, populated mainly by Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis, seemed to be the perfect location for Khan’s first international venture.The Café Chaiwala brand is there in Islamabad and other locations in Lahore and Murree as well.The London café is designed to promote South Asian culture, featuring traditional elements such as truck art, hand-decorated Vespas, and desi paintings. Khan has been personally documenting his entrepreneurial journey on his Instagram account, sharing updates about the café and his plans to visit London to brew tea for his fans.The café, which serves 15-20 dishes along with tea, is a modern-style tea stall that pays homage to Khan’s roots.Khan said: “My visit is being planned and I would love to brew tea for my loving fans. I have received thousands of requests for a London visit. Our first international Chai shop is now open on Ilford Lane and the response is massive already. With the Durrani brothers, we decided to start from Ilford Lane due to the fact that it’s home to a large number of Pakistanis and Indians who love Chai. I will be in London soon in person.”Khan’s sudden fame led to numerous modeling and acting offers, transforming his life overnight. However, the whirlwind of attention proved overwhelming for the young man, who had been earning a modest daily wage selling tea. He decided to take a break from the limelight to focus on improving his language skills and understanding the business side of his newfound fame.Despite the challenges, Khan embraced his identity as the Chaiwala, viewing it as a symbol of his journey. He used his fame as a stepping stone to entrepreneurship, launching a café named ‘Cafe Chaiwala Rooftop’.