Technology Desk at JE: The cost of Spotify’s Premium plans has increased in the US and several other countries across the world. Spotify is a well-known music and podcast streaming software. This information was released while platform price hike rumors in the media were growing.

According to Spotify, the updated prices and future innovations will help “deliver value to fans and artists.” The new prices in the United States start from $5.99 (earlier $4.99/month) for Premium Student and go up to $16.99 (earlier $15.99/month) for Premium Family for a month. For Premium Duo and Premium Single, the prices are $14.99 (earlier $12.99/month) and $10.99 (earlier $9.99/month).

Spotify Premium Price Hike: Is India Affected?

The good news is that India remains unaffected by the price rise as of now. For a refresher, here are the unchanged prices currently applicable in India.

 Premium Single – Rs 119/month

 Premium Duo – Rs 149/month

 Premium Family – Rs 179/month

 Premium Student – Rs 59/month