You will soon be able to fly to space and marry for INR 1 crore each person!!

Yes, you’ve read it right! Space Perspective is the company that announced this unique arrangement, which will allow couples to marry by taking them into space in a carbon-neutral balloon outfitted with massive windows that will provide the greatest possible view of the Earth.
According to reports, it will be a 6-hour Spaceship Neptune journey capable of lifting visitors 100,000 feet above the Earth and returning them.
This venture will be launched in 2024. According to reports, they have already sold 1000 seats.

According to the official website, passengers would be able to totally enjoy themselves during the journey. They will order refreshments, chat with other passengers, and choose the right song for the journey. According to the website, the capsule also has a fully-equipped washroom with an amazing view. There will also be a high-speed Wi-Fi connection to keep guests in touch with their friends and family.

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