The highly anticipated Pan-Indian film “Kalki 2898 AD,” directed by Nag Ashwin and produced by Vyjayanthi Movies, starring Prabhas, has created a huge hype among fans and the film industry alike.

The title and first views of the film were revealed yesterday, and everyone enjoyed them. The trailer has gotten positive feedback from a variety of sources, including acclaimed director SS Rajamouli.

Shobu Yarlagadda, the producer of “Baahubali,” responded playfully to Rajamouli’s tweet inquiring about the film’s release date, saying, “Look who is asking the release date!!”

Shobu’s statement was a subtle parody on Rajamouli’s proclivity for taking his time in developing films, which frequently results in postponed release dates. Netizens reacted favourably to this amusing dialogue.

Rajamouli, on the other hand, responded to Shobu today with a gif featuring Brahmanandam from the film Lakshmi.

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