One more significant and ground-breaking infrastructure facility, in the form of an elevated walkway with a loop design, is being prepared at the Uppal intersection, adding to the long list of infrastructure improvements that have been completely changing Hyderabad and its suburbs in recent years.

The centrally supported looping and elevated walkway at Uppal Junction, which is expected to cost Rs 25 crore, will be connected with a Metro station at the concourse level, bus stops, and commercial and residential structures on the other side.

The eagerly anticipated skywalk, which extends to 640 meters, is anticipated to be finished by year’s end or in the middle of January 2023. The project is being carried out by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), which states that its usual width is 3 mt, 4 mt, and occasionally bulges to 6 mt.

The columns and deck of the structural system are made of steel, while the roof is made of a multi-walled polycarbonate sheet with a standing seam connection.

There are six places to enter and leave the skywalk. The hop-on stations are the metro station facing Nagole Road, Ramanthapur Road, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) theme park, the Warangal bus stop close to the GHMC office, the Uppal Police Station, and the street just across from the Uppal Electrical substation.

The skywalk will be furnished with a variety of amenities, such as eight lifts and twelve staircases that allow for pedestrian mobility in numerous directions rather than just from end to end as is the case with traditional skywalks.

The Skywalk is anticipated to improve pedestrian safety once it is completed and put into use, as well as reduce traffic congestion at the Uppal junction.

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