Possible relics of an ancient sea monster are among the treasure trove that Cyclone Gabrielle’s floodwaters uncovered.

Possible ancient sea monster remains from 80 million years ago have been found thanks to the severe cyclone Gabrielle that tore through New Zealand, according to Live Science.

Floodwaters from Cyclone Gabrielle that swept through the lowlands of Hawke’s Bay in February have uncovered these ancient fossils.

The news outlet further reported that the prehistoric remains were discovered at the Maungataniwha Native Forest. Palaeontologists believe the two newfound fossil vertebrae, first discovered in March but only announced now, may belong to Elasmosaurus, giant, long-necked marine reptiles that could grow to around 45 feet (14 metres) long.

The scientists also discovered another fossilised vertebrae that might have belonged to a mosasaur, a huge marine reptile that preyed at the top of the food chain during the dinosaur era.

Mosasaur fossils have been found in New Zealand before-fossilised teeth and a partial jaw were discovered in the Mangahouanga Stream In 2015-but they are not common.

Post a comment The Live Science further said that the fossils were discovered by staff and volunteers from the Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust, a conservation initiative to protect New Zealand’s native flora and fauna.

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