Sathya, a popular comedian, has appeared in numerous films to date. But everyone was impressed with the most recent parody interview featuring him in a variety of looks and demeanours. Even if the complete interview fell short of the teaser’s promise, Sathya unquestionably stole the show.

In the most recent, Sathya is all over Telugu handles on Twitter and has become a new favourite among meme makers. Sathya’s photographs and video clips are spawning more memes every hour, but the “draffer show” seems to be the most hit of them all.

Some people have even requested that the making-of footage for this parody interview be made public in order to witness Naga Shaurya’s genuine responses, during which he can be seen battling to control his laughter.

On July 7, the movie Rangabali will be released, therefore it would be interesting to watch if Sathya also takes the house down with his humour.

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