During the World War II, the bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US brought the world to a standstill and reminded us of the harmful effects of atomic bombs. This was for the first time ever that atomic weapons were used in war and it claimed thousands of lives. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings remains a dark chapter in humanity’s history. And according to Salesforce CEO, we don’t need a ‘Hiroshima’ moment to remind us of the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI), the tech that is taking the world by storm and is being discussed at every nook and corner. 

Salesforce CEO on dangers of AI

Generative AI has been the talk of the tech world ever since OpenAI launched its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, last year. The revolutionary bot enabled humans to do things that were previously considered to be off limits. From writing code and essays to helping with editing content, ChatGPT proved to be immensely useful for some.

Gradually, other companies also started rolling out their AI tools and today, after more than 7 months of ChatGPT’s launch, there is an AI boom in the industry and new tools keep coming up every day. 

Even though generative AI technology holds a lot of potential, there are evident downsides to it as well. And these dangers are also being talked about by experts.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, during an interview with AP, talked about AI and its imminent dangers and said that authorities must work together to lay down guidelines for the emerging technology.

Saying that technologies aren’t good or bad, it is how we use them that matters, Benioff said, “Nobody wants a Hiroshima moment to understand how dangerous AI is. We want to be able to kind of get our heads around the tremendous consequences of the technology that we are working with. And that’s going to require a multi-stakeholder approach — companies, governments, non-governmental organisations and others to put together the guidelines for this technology.”

On moving towards multimodality

During the same interview, Benioff was also asked about the rapid advancement of AI and if that sounds alarming. Benioff said that we are entering a new phase with regard to generative AI with advanced multimodal agents, integrating text, speech, and video capabilities. As these agents become more multisensory and aware, they will work alongside humans, augmenting and extending our abilities. However, this imminent change will also bring challenges as AI tools like ChatGPT may take actions without our knowledge.

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