Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, is regarded as one of the sport’s most laid-back players. Watching interviews with Sharma is always entertaining because of the way he speaks.

He once explained why he intended to attack India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja during a conversation with Vikram Sathaye on the show “What the Duck”

The activity was called “Walking with Cheetahs.” Rahane anticipated that some cheetahs would be following them as they walked, but instead, they were in the middle of a forest.


Sharma Recalled Ravindra Jadeja’s incident how his actions might have caused a cheetah attack.

It is believed that disturbing wild animals when they are eating is inappropriate. However, Jadeja was in the zone and began making strange noises. The creatures were staring at them, and Sharma recalls that they were all quite terrified since they could have been harmed.

Sharma wanted to punch Jadeja because he was so enraged at the spin all-rounder. However, Sharma claimed that they should have left Jadeja at home and cited it as one of his best life experiences.

Ravindra Jadeja received a 20,000 rupee fine for taking a selfie with lions

Jadeja and his wife shared photos of themselves in 2016 with the critically endangered Asiatic lions. They both visited the Gir National Park in Western Gujarat, and the incident took place only a few days after forest rangers had urged visitors not to take pictures with lions.

Jadeja received a 20,000 INR fine for breaking the guidelines. It is important to remember that Asiatic lions can only be found in the Gir National Park. He wasn’t a repeat offender, therefore the case was resolved with just the fine.


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