Chennai Super Kings’ fifth IPL triumph was a memorable one. CSK won the title under MS Dhoni’s guidance, with Ravindra Jadeja playing an important part in the 2023 IPL final. The image that stood out after the final was Dhoni raising Jadeja in a joyous mood.

The partnership has been one of the most successful in the IPL. Jadeja has thrived under Dhoni’s captaincy. Jadeja was named captain of the 2022 IPL. However, with CSK struggling, Dhoni was named captain again mid-season. This fueled speculation that all was not well between the two. However, Jadeja has frequently stated that Dhoni was his inspiration and that he dedicated the 2023 IPL to him.

Ambati Rayudu, a long-time CSK veteran who retired after the 2023 IPL, has now spoken out on the subject.

“During the previous IPL season, captaincy was given to Jadeja and then returned to Dhoni.” There was some miscommunication between Dhoni and Jaddu, therefore there was some confusion. However, after witnessing all of those feelings towards the end of the IPL, we realised that there was no such mistake. Do you think Dhoni will keep his captaincy next season?” Rayudu was questioned.

“I don’t believe Jaddu (Jadeja) was upset with Mahi bhai in the least.” That, I don’t believe, was the situation. He was simply disappointed with the team’s performance. Everyone’s performances that year were not up to the mark,” Rayudu said on BehindWoodsTV Youtube channel.

“Jaddu had nothing to do with it.” He took a break to take a mental break from what was going on. I don’t believe there was any misunderstanding. I have no idea what the next season will be like.

“He (Dhoni) put this team together and made Jaddu (Jadeja) who he is today.” He’s been raising him for, what, 10-12 years? So, following what happened last year, he would naturally be pleased that the product he created has won the final for CSK,” Rayudu explained.



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