While we were still digesting the odd culinary combinations offered by street food sellers around the country, a renowned beverage company took the game to the next level by introducing ketchup flavoured with soft drink. Yes, you read that correctly.

Pepsi introduced its latest innovation, Pepsi Colachup, a mind-blowing merger of traditional cola and acidic ketchup, in a jaw-dropping statement. Pepsi’s official Instagram page posted a snapshot of the culinary invention. A pleasant can of zero-sugar Pepsi and the blue Pepsi Colachup bottle were shown next to a hotdog covered with the revolutionary sauce. The photo caption stated, “Hot dogs: better with Pepsi.”

In the caption, Pepsi wrote, “Calling all hot dog aficionados, Pepsi Colachup has arrived and it’s the only sweet, salty, delicious topping that was specifically made to pair with your hot dog. ”

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