The prominent Telugu actor and politician Pawan Kalyan has finally responded to the persistent accusations regarding his supposed divorce from Anna Lezhneva, his third wife. In recent days, rumours about their breakup have been making headlines, generating excitement among fans and the media. The pair is still blissfully together, according to a statement from Pawan Kalyan’s political party, which was shared via their official Twitter account. The whispers of a divorce that were going around have been dispelled by this announcement.

Pawan Kalyan has once again used his party’s Twitter account, where he is well known for posting his opinions and views, to address the problem. He had previously used the same platform to congratulate his niece Upasana and her husband Ram Charan on the birth of their baby. Pawan Kalyan’s political organisation recently released a statement in which it assured the public that his marriage to Anna Lezhneva is still intact and gave an update on his political activity.

After finishing the first stage of his political rally, Varahi Yatra, Pawan Kalyan and his wife Anna Konidela, according to the tweet’s imprecise translation, did a puja. The pooja was performed in their Hyderabad home. The announcement included information on the upcoming start of the Varahi Yatra’s second phase as well as Pawan Kalyan’s anticipated attendance at meetings in Mangalagiri.

The rumors of Pawan Kalyan and Anna Lezhneva’s separation gained momentum when Anna was conspicuously absent from recent family celebrations within the Mega family. The couple tied the knot in 2013 and has two children together, Polena Anjana Pawanova and Mark Shankar Pawanovich. Anna’s absence during Varun Tej’s engagement to Lavanya Tripathi and the subsequent cradle ceremony for Ram Charan and Upasana’s newborn daughter sparked speculation about the state of their marriage. These reports fueled the rumours of a potential divorce.

However, with this official statement confirming the continued harmony between Pawan Kalyan and Anna Lezhneva, fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. The couple’s love story began during the shooting of the Telugu film ‘Teen Maar,’ and they have been together for over a decade.

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