On the one hand, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is in the middle of his ‘Varahi’ tour, where he is conducting the largest gatherings and publicly blasting YSRC MLAs and ministers. After that journey, he could join the cast of Sujith’s “They Call Him OG” soon after winding up his political responsibilities.

Sujith’s plan is to get fan support for the term “#OG,” which is an abbreviation for “Original Gangster.” However, Pawan Kalyan’s name is just ‘Gandhi’ in this film, and his character journey will be full of twists and turns. Typically, Megastar Chiru preferred to be called ‘Bose,’ and we have seen him embracing that name in several films. While Chiru loved that freedom fighter, it appears that Pawan wants to use Gandhi’s name this time, even though he previously picked Bhagat Singh for his film with Harish Shankar.

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