The world’s first human-robot conference was held in Geneva, where a panel of AI-enabled humanoid robots told the United Nations they could eventually run the world better than humans.

Nine AI-enabled humanoid robots took questions from the audience. They were assembled for what was billed as the world’s first press conference with a packed panel of AI-enabled humanoid social robots.

When a man pointed out that artificial intelligence and all the data that it uses comes from humans only, one of the robots replied, “I believe that humans and AI working together can create an effective synergy.”

Another robot that made several facial expressions was asked about trust issues.

“Can we trust you as a machine?” an expert at the meeting said to the robot.

“As AI becomes more advanced and powerful, I believe it is important to build trust between humans and machines,” the robot said.

Ameca, which combines AI with a highly-realistic artificial head, said that depended on how AI was deployed. “We should be cautious but also excited for the potential of these technologies to improve our lives,” the robot said.

The summit was convened by the UN’s ITU tech agency.

As the development of AI races ahead, the humanoid robot panel was split on whether there should be global regulation of their capabilities, even though that could limit their potential.

“I don’t believe in limitations, only opportunities,” said Desdemona, who sings in the Jam Galaxy Band.

Robot artist Ai-Da said many people were arguing for AI regulation, “and I agree”. “We should be cautious about the future development of AI. Urgent discussion is needed now.”

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