More than 100 tourists were stuck for several hours at Greenway, the old residence of renowned British mystery author Agatha Christie in Devon, United Kingdom, on Friday. The visitors were left trapped after bad weather knocked down a tree which obstructed the road leading down to the property, as per a report in CNN. This chain of events seemed like this incident was taken directly out of the pages of one of Ms Christie’s mystery books.

Caroline Heaven, one of the tourists who was visiting Greenway, reached out to a local news outlet to inform them that several tourists were trapped in the old holiday home of the British author.

The historic site’s manager, the British National Trust, immediately posted a notice on its website informing visitors that a huge tree had fallen on the single-track road leading into Greenway. A spokesperson for the National Trust stated that they knew that there were “visitors, staff and volunteers still at Greenway unable to leave”. They added that the National Trust was “doing everything” to ensure their comfort while they waited to be let out. As per the outlet, many visitors “kept themselves busy, drinking cups of tea in the houses’ tearoom and playing rounds of croquet on the lawn”.

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