Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra is thought for sharing slice-of-life content material on Twitter. This time round, the industrialist shared an nearly seven minute-long-video of the Temple of Tea Service in Punjab’s Amritsar on Twitter. Mahindra stated that there are many locations of interest and lots of attractions to look in Amritsar however this is the only area that he will truly go to apart from the Golden Temple.

According to the video made through Amritsar Walking Tours and shared on Mahindra’s Twitter handle, the octogenarian tea dealer Ajit Singh, popularly known as Baba, has been selling tea at the stall for over 4 decades. The tea stall is placed underneath a large banyan tree. One of Ajit Singh’s customers says in the video that money isn’t one in all Singh’s concerns and that the tea dealer works without a doubt tough and arranges for the entirety on his personal.

He similarly said that the utensils from the stall were stolen a couple of times but the tea vendor neither complained nor demanded any assist from all people. The tea supplier says inside the video that he does now not sense tired and that he’ll sense okay if he continues running and shifting. He brought that he sees serving tea as a few form of seva or carrier for locals and vacationers alike.

He wrote on Twitter: “There are many sights to peer in Amritsar. But the next time I go to the metropolis, aside from travelling the Golden Temple, I will make it a point to go to this ‘Temple of Tea Service’ that Baba has seemingly run for over 40 years. Our hearts are doubtlessly the biggest temples”.

Soon after Mahindra’s tweet went viral, netizens shared their cents at the same. Twitter customers said that selfless humans like the octagenarian tea seller who runs the Temple of Tea Service make the planet a better location to live in. Others said that such human beings need to get extra from the world.

A consumer wrote on Twitter: “The expertise such people have is out of this international. They can give you life classes in traces.. Chalde rawaange te exchange rawaange; Je bai jaange te rae jaange”. Another person said: “This is natural bliss!! A man or woman with natural soul….”

A person even advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to mention the tea vendor in his weekly Mann ki Baat deal with to the country. The person tagged Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and wrote: “Great sight. God bless him and his family with fitness, wealth and prosperity. Nature’s present to him. Let NAMO point out in his MAN KI BAAT”.

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