Indian politics, there are certain individuals who have left an indelible mark with their unwavering commitment to public service, impeccable integrity, and visionary leadership.

One such stalwart is Oommen Chandy, a prominent politician from the state of Kerala.

Throughout his illustrious career, Chandy has exemplified the virtues of humility, empathy, and an unwavering dedication to the welfare and progress of the people he serves.

Early Life and Political Journey:

Born on October 31, 1943, in Kumarakom, Kerala, Oommen Chandy hails from a humble background.

His passion for public service was instilled in him from a young age, and he pursued his education at St.

George’s High School and CMS College in Kottayam. Chandy was an active member of the Congress party’s youth wing, the Indian Youth Congress, where he developed his political acumen and leadership skills.

Chandy’s political journey started in 1970 when he was elected as a Member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly.



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