Food aggregator Zomato released its Zomato Food Trends (ZFT) just one week after Swiggy. This platform for data analysis is open to the public and was introduced on June 30. It intends to support the restaurant partners’ adoption of a data-driven strategy. It contains comprehensive details regarding costs, menu items, and locations.

This year’s trend has provided an intriguing window into the favourite foods of Indians. What’s this? Following its rival, Zomato named chicken biryani the most popular and trending food in the nation. That certainly wasn’t a surprise, as we can attest.

We do, after all enjoy this delicious dish. The most popular food, without a doubt, was that of North India. Our cherished biryani followed it once more.

With 97 points, Chaat took the second spot on the list of popular foods. It certainly makes sense, then. Up next? Sandwich earns a score of 49. Chicken starters and dosa, both scoring 47 points, were in fourth and fifth place. After biryani, Oriental food took third place on the list of popular dishes with 37 points. With 36 points, our beloved pizza and South Indian food come in fourth and fifth, respectively.


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