430 km northeast of New Delhi, in the Buldhana region of India’s Maharashtra state, a bus fire that killed 25 people has brought to light examples of public indifference during a sad event.

One survivor described how he and a few others were able to flee the blazing truck by smashing the back glass to the Press Trust of India.

Around 1:30 am on July 1, a private passenger bus travelling from Nagpur to Pune crashed with a pole on the Samruddhi Motorway.

According to the authorities, 25 of the 33 people on board perished in the subsequent fire.

“The bus’s tyre blew, causing it to crash into a pole and instantly catch fire. The fire quickly spread, according to the survivor.

He said that he and the person sitting next to him were able to escape by smashing the back glass.

The survivor reported that the police and fire department arrived at the accident scene in a timely manner.

Four to five people allegedly managed to flee the bus by smashing one of its windows, according to a local.

People were getting burned on the roadway, so those who climbed out of the bus or jumped off told us afterwards that they tried to obtain assistance from passing cars, but no one stopped.

“This highway in Pimpalkhuta sees a lot of accidents. We responded to the appeal for assistance and were horrified by what we saw. The tyres were disintegrated, a local reported.

“People in there were trying to crawl out by smashing the windows. We witnessed someone being burned alive.We were powerless to do anything since the fire was so hot. We were sobbing,” he remarked.

More lives may have been spared if the passing cars on the highway had stopped to offer assistance, he continued.

Eight bus accident survivors were quickly taken to a nearby hospital and are currently safe, according to the police.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared an amount of 2 lakh as compensation for the victims’ families.

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