Just finished watching the movie, SPY. Well i got to say its not a bad film for such less budget and small casting.

Movie starts right away without any unnecessary songs or other commercial aspects which was a bit assuring for a movie buff like me, but falls flat after nearly 15 minutes into the show.

Will try my level best to give non spoiler review here.

Review :

Hero Nikhil’s pan India flick SPY hit the theatres on 29th of June , and being a movie buff and a huge huge fan of Nikhil’s story selection and an action thriller story lover, I was super excited to get to the theatres and watch this flick on the first day. So I got my tickets through Paytm ( not paid promotion ) and got there half an hour early, just to make sure I won’t miss a single shot also

Movie starts on a high note with Indian RAW agents taking down a secret operation, and I was super thrilled that there is no un-necessary hero introduction song and all the commercial elements. After nearly fifteen minutes into the movie, movie becomes flat and audience in theater go WHAT THE F is happening. Movie ends on a high note during the  interval with a good action sequence. Right after the break movie again goes to a peak and falls back to the ground from there with a shitty twist then it gets high with Rana Daggubati’s cameo but falls on floor where the floor gets crack this time with the most idiotic ending ever, I was personally like, does the director even know how to end this movie, yes there was logic for sure but the taking was dead flat with an explanation from hero for which entire theater burst into laughter.

Reaction :

Heroism is good for some stories, while stories like this, story itself is hero, you should not show our main protagonist do all the work while others with same cadder and above sit and watch him do wonders. This is not a super hero movie where hero gets powers and do wonders. Action sequences were compressed brilliantly but deciding scenes and logical scenes were shown where hero does every work while other agents just sir with a bucket of popcorn and coke watching him do all the work.That one Mandarin ( Ironman 3) level twist in the movie and other agents doing comedy while in mission or while following someone makes audience go out of theater with complete disappointment. Some illogical scenes ruined the movie to its core. RANA’s cameo bright back life to the movie but climax ruined the movie again. Open ending where they show antagonist’s daughter taking oath to take revenge opens door for a sequel.

Considering the budget of the movie, production values of the movie are top notch, visuals, CGI edits are amazing. Music is the major drawback of the movie. All the actors did well in their roles. There is no scope of romance for hero, but director somehow pushed a character in middle to make it possible.


Movie should have been excellent if other characters also had something to do other than just following hero. Background score could have been better. Performances were good. Production and visuals are also good.

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