The pan-Indian thriller “SPY,” featuring Nikhil, was widely launched yesterday amid much expectation. The Garry BH-directed movie surpassed expectations by breaking box office records on its first day of release. The film’s producers reported that “SPY” made Rs 11.7 crore in revenue on its opening day worldwide.

Nikhil Siddharth posted a picture of the movie’s box office receipts on his Twitter feed. The actor’s impressive opening day earnings are the highest-ever for Nikhil, demonstrating the actor’s strong box office appeal. The movie had a strong debut in the USA as well.

The movie had the biggest debut both locally and internationally. Following the Pan India success of his previous film “Karthikeya 2,” Nikhil and the team had recently extensively promoted “SPY”.

The movie received mixed reviews when it first came out, though. The movie played to filled theatres in numerous cities, and the next holiday weekend is predicted to add to its good fortune.

The film’s director is Garry BH. The movie’s production company is ED Entertainments.

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