The Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) recently implemented new guidelines for Kollywood, the Tamil film industry, which sparked debate and criticism on social media. Only Tamil actors should be cast in Tamil films, and films should be shot predominantly in Tamil Nadu, with exceptions given for circumstances where shooting outside the state or country is required.

The following are the rules framed by the FEFSI:-

  • Only Tamil actors and actresses should be hired for Tamil films.
  • Filming should take place solely in Tamil Nadu.
  • The shoot should not take place outside of the state or country unless absolutely necessary.
  • If the shoot does not finish on time or goes over budget, producers shall be notified in writing and given sufficient explanations.

These limitations have sparked outrage among social media users, who are concerned that they would limit chances for musicians from other regions.

According to FEFSI, they plan to prioritise Tamil artists in the industry and improve collaboration with them. They have also threatened disciplinary punishment if the regulations are broken, emphasising the director’s duty in the event of any narrative rights difficulties.

Kollywood is regarded for having one of the largest and most diverse film industries in the country, attracting artists from all around India. Malayali and Telugu performers, in particular, have made important contributions to Tamil cinema. Furthermore, big-budget and star-led Tamil films frequently explore foreign settings for visual appeal and storyline.

The debate over FEFSI’s decision highlights the difficulty of reconciling regional representation with artistic freedom and inventiveness in the lively world of Tamil cinema.

We’ll have to wait and see if the association reconsiders the guidelines in light of the recent outcry.

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