One of the most well-known video streaming firms in the world, Netflix, has significantly improved its Profile Transfer feature. With this new feature, subscribers will be able to move their profile settings to another one. The company now claims that users would not be needed to register a new account. Previously, consumers were not allowed to transfer their preferences and were had to completely build a new profile.TechCrunch reports that the California-based company said in a blog post that it is now implementing the most often requested feature by customers. The article continued by saying that it is now simple for everyone worldwide to do so without opening a new account if a person has numerous accounts or wants to switch to someone else’s account.
This function became available once the video streaming service put restrictions on password sharing in place. The capability will be useful for persons who previously shared an account but now want to separate themselves due to the restrictions.

What Data Can Be Transferred From One Account To Another?

As per the reports, users can transfer details including the viewing history, saved shows, and preferences, to the account they wish to transfer. Even the platform now allows you to transfer your data to someone’s account as well. For instance, if the user wishes to transfer the data to their family member’s account.

How To Do It?

The users can simply visit the Netflix homepage, go to the profile icon in the dropdown menu and select the ‘Transfer Profile’ option. After that follow the prompts that appear on the screen, and you will see the data transferred to other accounts.