According to reports, a 55-year-old man in Panvel killed himself after playing the online game junglee rummy and losing more than 5 lakh rupees. He had taken out a loan in a desperate attempt to recoup losses from the virtual game, but he also lost the money from the loan, which led him to act in such a drastic manner. He shared a home with his son and mother.

The internet gaming junkie was discovered on June 28th, according to Panvel City Police, hanging from his ceiling fan at home. As soon as he arrived at the Panvel sub-district hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Deceased left behind a note

The late person operated a water supply company. “It is unclear whether he incurred a loss in his business or not,” a police official said, adding that a suicide note was also discovered in his hands. “In the note, the individual acknowledged having suffered a substantial loss while playing online games. The official stated that the note further stated that nobody should be held accountable for the death because “he was unable to repay the loan taken for the same.”

The police have opened an investigation and filed a complaint of an accidental death. “It is unknown how much money is lost specifically in online gaming. But the preliminary investigation revealed that he had lost almost 5 lakh,” the officer stated.

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