Over the course of a little over two years of exploration, NASA’s Perseverance rover has captured some incredible photographs of Mars. This time, the rover rolled up on what might have been a meteorite that fell to Earth. The rover took a picture of a large, dark stone that had a hole in the middle of it.

A photograph of the rock with a doughnut form was released by the SETI Institute on Monday. The Perseverance’s SuperCam Remote Micro-Imager, according to the institution, took the picture on June 23.

Astronomers identified a feature on the planet that resembles a bear’s face, according to the Independent. The structure was composed of a rock formation with two craters that formed the “eyes of the bear,” as well as a collapsed hill in the shape of a snout.

Previously, the Perseverance rover’s Mastcam-Z instrument captured 152 photos while peering deep into Belva Crater, a major impact crater within the much larger Jezero Crater. A few days back, NASA shared an image of Mars that potentially reveals traces of a turbulent river.


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