Udupi is considered as Lord Krishna’s ultimate resting place. Madhvacharya established the Sri Krishna Temple and Matha in the 13th century. According to legend, Kanakadasa, a devotee of Lord Krishna, was once denied entry into the temple. Kanakadasa, determined to see God, continued to pray from the outside. Impressed by his devotion, Lord Krishna’s statue is said to have rotated to face Kanakadasa and a small hole created in the wall so that Kanakadasa could see Lord Krishna. This location is currently known as Kanakana kindi (Kanaka window). In addition to the Sri Krishna temple, Udupi has two more temples: Chandreshwara and Anantheshwara.

Udupi has a great celebration called ‘Paryayotsava’ every two years. During this period, temple administration is passed from one of the eight mathas (Asta matt) to another. Udupi is well-connected by road and rail to the rest of Karnataka. Other nearby sights are Maple Beach, St Mary’s Island, Manipal End Point, and the Kapu Lighthouse. Mangalore airport is around 60 km distant.

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