Kuldhara is an abandoned village located in Rajasthan. It has been a ghost town since the early 19th century. It is located around 18 kilometres southwest of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. The village is currently supposedly inhabited by ghosts, according to a widely believed belief.

The “haunted” village, which was once the residence of wealthy Paliwal Brahmins, was abandoned by its residents as a result of atrocities carried out by Salim Singh, a prominent minister in Jaisalmer. Salim Singh liked a girl from this village, so in order to save their honour, everyone left in a single night. They simply vanished. Suma Ram, an old guy who lives close to the village entrance, remarked, “God knows where they went.”

According to mythology, the village’s original occupants cursed it, keeping it uninhabited, he claimed.
The old guy denied the popular belief that the location is haunted, claiming that he has lived there for a long time and has never had such an incident.

There are abandoned homes there. A rebuilt temple is visible among the ruins. In order to offer the tourists a sense of the constructions there, a few residences have also been renovated. The region, which is situated in the Thar desert, lacks of commercial activity.

“It is a lovely location to visit. We have heard many tales about this location, and one’s personal beliefs must be taken into consideration”, said Rupinder Singh, a Haryana visitor who travelled to the village with his buddies.

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