Mumbai:Four are being detained for stealing a 6,000 kilogramme iron bridge. An officer from the Mumbai police stated on Saturday that four people have been detained for allegedly removing a 6,000 kilogramme iron bridge that was built across a drain in one of the city’s western suburbs.

According to the officer from Bangur Nagar police station, the 90-foot-long metal structure in Malad (west) was erected by utility business Adani Electricity to transfer enormous electrical wires.

Bridge Structure Was Found Missing On June 26

The temporary structure was relocated to another location in the vicinity a few months ago when a permanent bridge was erected over the drain, he added. However, the temporary bridge was discovered to be gone on June 26; as a result, the power company reported it to the police, the official added.

The cops discovered that the bridge was last spotted there on June 6 after conducting their investigation. Since there were no CCTV cameras deployed at the scene, authorities used footage from cameras placed elsewhere in the vicinity to search for the huge car on June 11, the official said.

Police Traced The Location And Nabbed The Culprits

The car was then located by the police using the registration number. According to the official, “the vehicle had gas-cutting machines that were used to disassemble the bridge and steal iron weighing 6,000 kg.”

After further inquiry, the police located a worker for the company that had been hired to construct the bridge. The official reported that the police detained the staff member and three of his companions last week.

He stated that the stuff taken from the location has been found.

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