The earth is a place where nothing is certain and predictable. Neither any human nor any place. We are wrapped in mystery all the way around and if someone tries to seek them, the world unfolds the strangest and the most beautiful face of it. This is exactly what we are trying to do here, unfolding the enigma and relishing the untold mystery of the great mystical Mount Kailash.


Mystery of Mount Kailash

What is the mystery behind Mount Kailash? There are many mind-blowing facts about Lord Shiva’s home, Mount Kailash (as the west calls it) which no one even told you about! Shiva Bhagwan, the destroyer of the world resides at Mount Kailash. The literal meaning of Kailash Parbat is ‘Precious jewel of eternal show’.


The holy Mt. Kailash, which is also known as the stairway to heaven is undoubtedly the most mysterious of all mountain ranges in the whole of Himalayas. Kailash Parbat is a lone peak which is detached from the Himalayan range of mountains.




Mt. Kailash is a unclimbable peak

Seeing the top of Kailash has been a dream of many researchers and travelers but nobody have ever been succeeded. Those who wanted to climb to the mountain and reach the top, all of a sudden get set to go in the opposite direction. Those who walked up the mountain never returned as earlier climbing was allowed but now it is prohibited. In fact, there have been no recorded attempts to climb Mount Kailash due to its near perpendicular wall faces and deadly weather conditions. It is said that anyone who plans to ascend this holy mountain in order to view the faces of the gods will be punished to death. The Kailash peak is therefore regarded as the one that has not yet been scaled.



Does Lord Shiva live at Mount Kailash?

Who lives at Kailash Parvat? This mystery behind Mount Kailash has been a hot topic since centuries. Hindus firmly believe that the Adi yogi Shiv Bhagwan lives at Kailash Parbat with his eternal spirit mate Shakti or his beloved wife Parvati ji.

The followers of Hindu faith say that Shiv Bhagwan sits in perpetual meditation on Kailash Parbat. Kailash Parbat has remained the abode of Lord Shiva since the past 21,000 years. It is the biggest Kailash Parvat secret.

Mount Kailash, with its spiritual aura, majestic beauty, and cultural significance, holds a unique place in the hearts and minds of people around the world.


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