Mirchi bajji is a popular south indian snack food item, which is prepared by the green chilli fritters where fresh chilies are dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried to perfection, until crispy & aromatic. Mirchi Bajji is most popularly known as Andhra Pradesh & Telangana as a snack food item. Even many people enjoying this in preparing at their home itself.

 Chilli’s used for the Mirchi Bajji :

The taste of the Mirchi Bajji is fully depends upon the green chilli’s we are considering for the Bajji making process.  So, The type of green chilies that are usually used to make these bajjis or even other pakodas/bhajiyas is usually the large, thicker ones which are the mildest when it comes to the heat factor. Also, since the size of these chilies is larger than the usual ones, it is easier to stuff them too.

You can make the Mirchi Bajji as a lovely tea time snack. They taste great just as they are. So, you really don’t need any accompaniment with it. Although, a cup of tea or coffee doesn’t harm either. And the combination of the tea and Mirchi Bajji were being a great combination ever. So, People are enjoying mostly. Try it once, sure nobody ever leaves it…

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