In today’s fast-paced world of remote work and virtual meetings, it’s not uncommon to feel self-conscious about one’s appearance during video calls. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or simply not in the mood to be seen, disabling your webcam can be a tempting option. Microsoft has now introduced a new AI-powered beauty feature for Teams users.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the launch of a collection of “virtual makeup” filters, akin to the popular appearance-altering effects found on social media platforms such as TikTok’s Bold Glamour feature. These filters were made possible through a collaboration with cosmetics giant Maybelline.

“Whether you are working in-person or virtually, feeling good about yourself can help put your best foot forward. That’s why we partnered with Microsoft Teams to develop virtual makeup looks — now even on the busiest day, you can put makeup on with just a click,” said Trisha Ayyagari, global brand president of Maybelline New York.

The Maybelline Beauty app will offer Teams users a diverse range of 12 unique looks at its launch, each featuring various blurring effects and digital makeup colour options. What sets these filters apart is their attention to detail, as each look provides a breakdown of the real-world Maybelline products and shades being replicated by the filter. This innovative approach allows users to recreate the makeup virtually and then apply it to their actual faces using the corresponding Maybelline products, further enhancing the immersive experience.

Modiface, an augmented reality company specialising in the beauty industry, provides cutting-edge AI technology that powers these virtual makeup filters. Renowned for its virtual “try-on” experiences, Modiface’s tech has already been utilised by renowned cosmetics companies like Sephora and Estée Lauder. In 2018, Maybelline’s parent company, L’Oreal, wisely seized the opportunity to acquire Modiface.

To ensure inclusivity and diversity, the filters have been developed in collaboration with the Geena Davis Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting improved representation within media. This partnership ensures that the virtual makeup looks to cater to a broad and diverse population, resonating with individuals from various backgrounds.

Although the beauty filters’ application in professional communication apps might seem strange, the demand for such features remains apparent. While there are concerns that appearance-altering filters may negatively impact mental health by setting unrealistic beauty standards, users are still eager to explore these possibilities in work-related applications. Other video conferencing platforms, like Zoom, have already incorporated limited beauty effects such as eyebrow and lipstick filters. The Maybelline Beauty app in Teams takes this experience a step further, offering users more options and customisation to achieve their desired look.

The new feature is being rolled out to global Microsoft Teams Enterprise customers, starting today. Located under the “Video Effects” tab within the Teams meeting settings, these beauty filters are easily accessible and user-friendly. The company is also considering the possibility of making these filters available to users on the free Microsoft Teams tier.

How to get started using the Maybelline app in Teams

Before your next meeting:

Click on “Join Meeting”

Click “Video Effects”

Then “More Video Effects”

Scroll down in the right pane and select “Maybelline” under the “Filters” category

Scroll down to view all and select your favourite look

Click “Join now”

If you already joined a meeting and want to choose a look:

Click “More…” at the top of your meeting screen

Click “Video Effects”

Scroll down in the right pane and select “Maybelline” under the “Filters” category

Scroll down to view all and select your favourite look

Click “Preview” to see your selected look without others viewing yet or “Apply” to turn on your favourite look