Whether it is chaat or momos, India is renowned for its delectable road cuisine. One avenue meals, momos, has come to be quite nicely-liked among humans from all around the state these days. Taping into this love for momos, Sagar Daryani converted into a large enterprise. He is the author and CEO of the restaurant chain Wow Momo, which specialises in momos.

Together along with his classmate Binod Homagai, he founded the commercial enterprise. The business was officially mounted on August 29, 2008. When they started out the employer, they were in the remaining years in their degree at St. Xavier’s in Kolkata. They currently have a value of hundreds of crores. Sagar began selling momos in 2008 from a small kiosk in Kolkata after having the concept for the enterprise at some point. At the age of slightly 21, they founded the commercial enterprise.

Daryani did now not don’t forget the mission to be insignificant in spite of the own family’s competition; he moved on and changed into a hit. What started out with best Rs 30,000, 1 table, and 2 component-time cooks has evolved right into a Rs 2000 crore business enterprise. They selected the moniker WowMomo for their commercial enterprise to be able to ‘wow’ their clients with their services. Experimentation is their products’ essential USP.

For example, they created some thing they call ‘Moburg’ by using combining momo with a burger. While selling momos, the 2 founders donned T-shirts bearing the call of the enterprise for nearly years after it commenced. Every traveller became as soon as requested to try a momo and offer comments. WowMomo started out installing kiosks in other commercial locations, which includes tech parks, shops, and hypermarkets, as extra human beings commenced to enjoy momos.

According to Daryani, the corporation presently opens 250 stores yearly, but has aspirations to elevate that quantity to 350. According to News18, the corporation currently sells 6 lakh momos every day. It presently has 800 locations of sale spread over 26 states, and via the stop of the subsequent year, it hopes to have 3000.

WowMomo became valued at an superb Rs 2130 crore and the food-chain commercial enterprise has up to now raised Rs. 375 crore. Fifty two percent of the organisation’s stocks are owned by means of the founders, promoters, and employees. WowMomo became bringing in Rs forty crore in line with month. Last year, the form generated an earnings of Rs 220 crore. In FY 2023, it aimed for a topline of Rs 450 crore

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