One of the four women that appeared on the Forbes list of the richest American self-made women is Jayshree V Ullal. She leads Arista Networks as CEO and President.She was included in the list the year before. She had a net worth of $1.9 billion at the time. Her five percent ownership in Aistra is where she gets the majority of her wealth. This year, her net worth has increased.London is where Ullal was born. She received her education at the Jesus and Mary Convent in New Delhi.San Francisco State University’s engineering program was later finished by Jayshree V. Ullal. At Santa Clara University, she studied engineering management.She joined the business when it had no customers. She successfully ran the business in 2014 from the front.She spent a number of years working at Cisco. She was in charge of the company’s $10 billion in sales.She has been working for more than 30 years.Her enormous net worth is Rs 19,752 crore.Thomas Kurian, a Google executive, is worth $12.1 billion. Over Rs 6000 crore belongs to Satya Nadella. The wealth of Sundar Pichai exceeds Rs 10,000 crore.March 27, 1961 saw the birth of Jayshree Ullal. She came from a Hindu household from birth. She was raised in Delhi. She started off at AMD. Later on, she worked at Fairchild Semiconductor.High-speed chips were formerly created by Jayshree Ullal for IBM and Hitachi. She began working with Ungermann-Bass in 1988.Crescendo Communications was bought by Cisco Systems while she was employed there. She went with the latter. Soon after, she was promoted to vice president of LAN switching. She stayed with the business for 15 years.In 2008, she co-founded Arista Networks with David Cheriton and Andy Bechtolsheim. She assisted the business in bringing an IPO in 2014.

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