As the richest individual in both Asia and India, Mukesh Ambani’s lifestyle must be known to all of you. However, some Reliance family members you might not be aware of. Nina Kothari is also a member of this family.

Nina Kothari has made a reputation for herself in the economic world as the chairperson of Kothari Sugars and Chemicals Limited, where she oversees a firm worth crores. His company does both domestic and foreign commerce.

Nina Kothari, the far less well-known sister of Mukesh Ambani, stays away from the media. She was born into the Ambani family and is Dhirubhai Ambani’s daughter. She started her entrepreneurial adventure in 2003. At that moment, she started the Javagreen coffee and food franchise.

Businessman Bhadrashyam Kothari and Nina Kothari got married in 1986. After a protracted battle with cancer, he passed away in 2015. The only children Nina Kothari had left were a daughter named Nayantara and a boy named Arjun.

Nina Kothari was appointed as the chairperson on 8 April 2015. He faced the challenges of the corporate world and handled the company in a better way. She steered the company well and took it to new heights.

After taking over as chair, Nina extended the HC Kothari Group to new businesses. Two more Kothari Group businesses are included in the portfolio, namely Kothari Petrochemicals Limited and Kothari Safe Deposits Limited. She holds two publicly traded equities and has total assets of around Rs 52.4 crores, per corporate shareholdings. Market capitalization of the business is Rs 3.33 billion.

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