BSoundararajan and GB Sundararajan are two of India’s richest hen farmers. The brothers commenced their poultry business in 1984 with a modest funding of Rs 5000. Their first chicken farm turned into in Udumalaipettai, approximately 72 km from Coimbatore. Nearly 4 many years later, they have created India’s largest fowl business with an annual turnover of Rs 12000 crore.

Their firm, Suguna Foods, works with 40000 farmers from extra than 15000 villages in 18 states. B Soundararajan is the chairman of the behemoth. His son Vignesh is the coping with director of the firm.

Suguna Foods gets maximum of its revenue from the southern and japanese a part of the usa. It is a market chief in broiler bird and eggs within the marketplace.

Soundararajan started operating after finishing college. He began by means of developing greens. After he could not make profit from the employer, he began working for an agriculture pump employer in Hyderabad. He later back to join his brother’s enterprise.

Their initial enterprise became to sell chook feed to farmers. They learnt from the farmers the demanding situations of developing chicken.

They then concept of hiring farmers for agreement farming, a novel concept in India. They began this version with simply 3 farmers in 1990.

B Soundararajan and GB Sundararajan furnished farmers the whole lot they needed to boost chickens. The farmers might then deliver them grown birds in go back for money.

Over the subsequent 7 years, 40 farmers joined them. Their turnover at that point reached Rs 7 crore. Suguna Chicken soon have become a household call in Tamil Nadu.

The employer later started out to provide these farmers technical knowledge to develop produce in a wholesome manner.

The farmers are paid for developing chickens.

The organization additionally pays a minimal growing price in case of terrible overall performance. Farmers get a minimum growing charge every two months.

The farming enterprise contributes to over 80 percent of their commercial enterprise. These merchandise are sold to markets that promote meat and eggs. The organization also produces animal feeds.

They controlled to develop their enterprise regardless of having no business background or schooling.

In FY 2021, their turnover changed into Rs nine,a hundred and fifty five.04 crore. In FY 2020, their turnover changed into Rs 8739 crore.

In FY 2021, their earnings became Rs 358.89 crore.

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