The honour of becoming India’s most expensive dog goes to Cadabom Hayder, a dog from Karnataka with a similarly elaborate name. S Sathish, a citizen of Bengaluru, is the owner of the dog. It is a member of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog breed, often known as Caucasian Ovcharka. At Rs 20 crore, Cadabom Hayder now holds the record for being India’s most expensive dog or pet.

The huge breed was trained to protect animals. It is indigenous to frigid nations including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, and Russia. The Bengaluru breeder paid a colossal fee for the breed, which is greater than the annual salary of top corporate executives. The maintenance costs for the one and a half year old dog are also very high.

Hayder reportedly has 32 medals from competition events. A 10- to 12-year lifespan is typical for the breed. It is enormous, comparable in size to some of the largest wild cats. Ovcharkas from Caucasus typically weigh 45 to 50 kg but can reach 77 kg.

They are around 27-30 inches in height. They used to serve as guards for herds of livestock against coyotes and wolves. The breed has also been used as a bear hunting dog. Today, they serve as prison dogs in Russia. The breed is reportedly banned in Denmark.

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