Success comes gradually, and it takes persistence and patience to get there. India has produced some of the most creative and interesting startup ideas that have grown into established businesses. Meesho is one such instance, which strongly emphasizes supporting female entrepreneurs as one of the key elements in its success.

Meesho was designed by Vidit and Sanjeev to be accessible, adaptive, and user-friendly since they recognized the huge potential and hidden talent among housewives and women in small towns. Meesho has provided training, coaching, and a straightforward marketing approach that have allowed several women to attain financial independence and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Notably, Meesho was valued by Fidelity’s funds at $4.98 billion in December 2022. The investor had previously estimated Meesho to be worth $4.29 billion as of September of that year.

Who is Sanjeev Barnwal?

Sanjeev Barnwal, co-founder and CTO of Meesho, left on an amazing journey after completing his studies at IIT. He took a trip to Japan and joined the Sony Core Tech Team there, where he was happy and discovered priceless knowledge. He did, however, still harbor a deep-seated desire to found his own business.

To find out more about this, he spoke to his friend Vidit Aatrey, who was at the time working for the Bangalore-based InMobi company. They thought about it for almost a month before deciding to establish their own firm.

Even though the startup’s concept was still being developed, Sanjeev and Vidit left their respective employment in their home countries and moved to India in June 2015. They started by visualizing a market for fashion as they set out to create a platform that prioritized the success of businesses.

The first office for Meesho, which was established in late 2015, was a dining room table in a modest two-bedroom flat in Bengaluru’s Koramangala neighborhood. Sanjeev Barnwal has an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion, or potentially more, according to Financial Express, which is a testament to his commercial success.

Sanjeev Barnwal’s education

Sanjeev received his education at Ranchi’s DAV JVM Shyamali in 2007. As a result, Barnwal resumed his education at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, where he eventually received his BTech in electrical engineering.

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