One of the world’s wealthiest CEOs is this Tamil Nadu native. He is the CEO of a business with a market value well over $1 trillion. He is a well-known American figure who was born in India. He attended the famous Indian Institute of Technology and enjoys playing cricket. The CEO of Google is a man by the name of Sundar Pichai. How did a young man from the middle class end up a billionaire? His wife Anjali Pichai, however, was a major contributor to his immense success.

In 2022, Sundar Pichai received a staggering 226 million dollars in compensation. This equals 1869 crores in Indian rupees. Included in this sum is the 218 million dollar stock option payout. He was given a 281 million dollar reward in 2019.

According to the Hurun List, his net worth in 2022 was a whopping 1310 million dollars or Rs 10215 crore. This, despite him losing 20 percent of his net worth that year.

He comes from a humble family in Tamil Nadu.

Madurai is where Sundar Pichai was born. Lakshmi, his mother, worked as a stenographer. Regunatha Pichai, his father, was an electrical engineer.

He obtained his metallurgical engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur. He received a silver medal. Later, he earned a master’s degree in material sciences from Stanford University. Later, he obtained an MBA from the Wharton School.

He began working for Google as a product manager in 2004. He was crucial to the creation of Google Chrome. He received a promotion to vice president in 2008. He was promoted to senior vice president four years later. He was appointed the product chief in 2014. In 2015, he was appointed Google’s CEO. He was appointed CEO of Alphabet Inc.’s parent company in 2019.

He has a wife named Anjali Pichai. She is a Kota native. She received her engineering education from IIT Kharagpur. A chemical engineer, she is. Her father worked for the government.

Before Pichai became the CEO, many companies wanted to poach him. His wife, however, asked him not to quit Google.

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