“For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win,” stated Dhirubai Ambani. Making it big in any industry involves patience, courage, and hard effort, according to successful people. Numerous stories about startups, which have recently become a trendy phrase, have motivated us to dream big.

We have seen how startups and unicorns have flourished in India over the last ten years. The number of startups in the country has more than tenfold increased throughout the years. There are numerous examples in India about entrepreneurs who dared to chase their dreams and went from broke to millionaires. Dilkhush Kumar’s tale serves as a light of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Success Story Of Dilkhush Kumar

Dilkhush Kumar was born in a small village in Bihar’s Saharasa region and worked as a rickshaw puller and vegetable trader. Kumar is now the co-founder and CEO of RodBez, a cab app. He had completed Class 12 and worked as a rickshaw puller and sold veggies online to supplement his income.


Kumar arrived to Patna in 2011 to work as a driver. To make ends meet, he also worked as an electrician. He abandoned the position, however, because his salary was never delivered on schedule. He tried his hand as a vegetable vendor, but it didn’t work out, so he returned to his old driving job. During this period, he began investigating the availability of cab services in particular areas.

“People prefer to use services that are less expensive and more convenient. Drivers also desire more passengers. We identified routes with high demand for taxi services and taxi driver availability at a given moment. We created an algorithm that matches real-time cabs and riders on the same route. “A simple search reveals better cab availability,” Dilkhush Kumar was cited as stating in a greater India report.

RodBez, Bihar’s largest “one-way taxi, taxi pool, and carpool platform,” was created by Dilkhush Kumar. When travelling one way, customers are not required to pay two-way return fares. Through the RodBez app, verified consumers band together to aid one another by carpooling, taxipooling, and taking one-way rides.

Kumar attributes the inspiration for the app’s name to his “berojgaari (unemployment) background.” “We come from a very poor area known for badh (floods) and berojgaari (unemployment).” “I was dubbed ‘nikamma’ (useless) because I was financially dependent on my father,” Dilkhush Kumar explained.

Dilkhush Kumar founded the company with a Tata Nano, and his team has raised Rs 4 crore in six to seven months since the debut of the RodBez app. In his company, he has hired IIT and IIM alumni.

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