By accepting a record-breaking employment offer from Google, Aradhya Tripathi of Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology (MMMUT) made history. The US tech firm has awarded Aradhya Tripathi a package worth Rs 52 lakh. MMMUT is where Aradhya Tripathi received her BTech in computer engineering. Aradhya Tripathi received the highest package available to a student at MMMUT, which she accepted. Aradhya Tripathi has a job as a software development engineer at Google.

After completing her internship at Scaler Academy, Aradhya Tripathi has graduated. Aradhya Tripathi received a compensation worth Rs 32 lakh from Scaler after completing her internship, but Google has since made a higher offer.

“I have expertise working in a competitive environment and have worked on and owned scalable solutions with real production traffic. With a variety of tech stacks, including React.JS, React Redux, NextJs, Typescript, NodeJs, MongoDb, ExpressJS, and SCSS, I have a solid grasp and experience. I have a strong interest in data structures and algorithms, and I’ve answered more than a thousand questions on several coding sites with good ratings. I am a quick learner and do well in situations where learning is happening quickly,” Aradhya brought up on her LinkedIn profile.

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