Flower Turbines works on the principle of conversion of wind energy into electrical energy. Mostly these are most popular designs in these present days. The name Flower Turbines itself says the design of the turbine, because of it’s wings appearance like a flower petals. 
The design and built of the flower is itself very cool and appreciated one. Because of it’s simplest construction and easiest way of installation.


Mechanism of Flower Turbines working 
The design of the petals has a wider role to respond to wind. Like the Petals starts rotates my absorbing the wind flow in any direction due to its design and it can be installed at any place as the picture shows below 
Flower Turbines mounted on the top the buildings


                                Flower Turbines mounted on the top the Petrol Bunk Roof


Flower Turbines mounted on the top the Roof


Flower Turbines mounted on the Open Area


Flower Turbines designed on the Plants



Flower Turbines constructed on the Roads
Due to it’s simple design and less weight compared with other designs, has a wider a role of application in use. Typically it has an ability to react with the wind, which can flows in any direction, so it had a maximum efficiency to generate the electricity. Moreover it has a simpler design and construction when compared with the other designs so have a chances of more installations. Thus, Maximum people can implement this design in their house tops and roofs, roads, windy areas, … etc.

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