Cricket, often referred to as a niche sport in the United States, is gradually gaining traction and popularity across the country.

Major League Cricket (MLC), the newest addition to the American sports landscape, is set to play a significant role in elevating the profile of cricket in the nation.

A New Era for Cricket in America:

Cricket has a rich history in the United States, with the sport being played as early as the 18th century.

However, it has largely remained on the periphery, overshadowed by the dominance of traditional American sports.

Major League Cricket aims to change that by introducing a professional cricket league that can captivate and engage a broader audience.

Structure and Format:

Major League Cricket is designed to be a franchise-based T20 cricket league, following the popular and fast-paced format that has taken the cricketing world by storm.

The league is expected to feature a limited number of teams representing different cities across the United States, with a focus on creating regional rivalries and a sense of local pride.

The format allows for shorter matches, enhancing excitement and making it more accessible to a wider audience.

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