Despite its record-breaking revenues, Adipurush is suffering severe reaction in India. Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, has officially prohibited the release of Indian films. Kathmandu issued a complete prohibition on Indian films after the mayor expressed concerns over the portrayal of Sita in the film Adipurush.

According to sources, Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah has declared a ban on all Indian films in the Kathmandu Metropolitan Area, and he has reportedly deployed police to guarantee that no Indian films be broadcast in the metropolitan area’s cinemas.
Balen Shah has already expressed concerns over Sita’s portrayal in the Adipurush. Balen Shah objected to Sita being referred to as the “daughter of India” when she was actually the “daughter of Nepal.” Adipurush’s producers allegedly made adjustments to the film to address the demands of Nepali politicians.

“If the movie is allowed to be telecast in other areas and abroad by prohibiting the performance of anti-national films within the Kathmandu Metropolitan area, then it is prohibited to perform any Indian movie in Kathmandu metropolitan from tomorrow until objectionable portions are removed from the movie,” Balen Shah said in a Facebook post.

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