Prabhas has arguably become one of the most in-demand pan-Indian actors in Indian cinema. His versatility and his willingness to explore different genres make him a crowd pleaser. His film program underscores his commitment to venturing into new genres. The actor next appears in Salar and Kalki in 2898 AD.

The first footage of “Salaar” generated record-breaking reactions on his YouTube and caused a lot of excitement among his fans. But then, when we got a glimpse of Kalki in 2898 AD, everyone was surprised because the film seemed to surpass everything seen in Salar.

Given that Kalki 2898 AD extends beyond Salar, the anticipation and excitement surrounding it is understandable. “Kalki Mania” surpassed the excitement of “Salaar” and captured the audience’s attention. There is no direct competition between the two movies as they are in different genres.

Since the film has yet to be released, Kalki 2898AD is expected to do very well at the box office, perhaps surpassing Salar’s success.

Whatever it may be, Prabhas recently managed to create a buzz with promotional material for two films.

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