On the occasion of Kajal Aggarwal’s birthday, June 19th, the creators of her next film unveiled a special glimpse from her upcoming film, which will undoubtedly come as a surprise. Because the famous heroine has long refused to appear in heroine-centric films, it is surprising that she has even auditioned for one.

“Satyabhama” is a film starring Kajal Aggarwal as an assistant police commissioner, and the trailer shows her as a fierce officer whose punches on thugs make them spill the truth. Though seeing Kajal as ACP is not believable since she lacks the fit body that a cop position generally needs, the fantastic graphics and background soundtrack have performed well.

Aside from this female-centric film, Kajal has Indian 2, Balayya’s Bhagavanth Kesari, and a number of other projects in the works.

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