JioTag, a Bluetooth connectivity tracking gadget from Reliance Jio, has been launched. It is comparable to Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s SmartTag.


Even when it is silent, one can locate their phone by double tapping JioTag to ring it. JioTag will provide accurate data to find any items left behind by users. JioTag will alert the user of the time and location of the disconnect when they are unaware of where they have left their belongings.
JioThings can be connected to JioTag so that Jio Community Find are able to understand the specifics of the lost item and update the user as necessary.


The JioTag is a tiny, square-shaped monitoring device that is 9.5g in weight, 3.82×3.82×0.72 cm in dimension, and has the Jio logo printed on it. The gadget has Bluetooth 5.1 installed.JioTag can reach up to 20 meters indoors and 50 meters outdoors (direct line of sight). It offers a CR2032 changeable battery with a one-year warranty. In India, a white version costs 749 rupees.

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