Battle Grounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG launched by Krafton after the takedown of PUBG Mobile in India. Since it is launched people in India treated it as a comeback of PUBG and gave good success to the game.

But it is again banned and removed from App Store and Google Play by the Indian Government on 28 July 2022. The Government claims that the game is sharing users information outside India privately. But Krafton has not proved the claims by the Indian Government are false. Not only the data but there are many other reasons also which are responsible for the ban.

There is no official news till now, but it is clearly visible that Krafton is trying hard to get back the game.

In my opinion, for the government to take back its decision is not at all easy because government officials claim that they have valid reasons and proof to make the BGMI ban happen. Krafton is also not hardly opposing the government’s claims, so it is clear that Karfton did a mistake. As a second chance after the PUBG ban, Krafton should be a bit careful about the Indian government but they focused more on looting Indian money with spins, etc., and forgot about the government rules.

What are your thoughts? BGMI will unban? Comment down your thoughts.

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